Pella miniature dutch village

Climb up the windmill to watch millers grind flour. Take in the enchanting Miniature Village. Scholte and his wife, Maria, lived.

There are so many things to do here, so come visit us for a morning or afternoon or stay all day. We welcome you to become Dutch for the day!

There is a handcrafted Dutch miniature village in second floor. It represents the daily life of Dutch people in Holland . This detail oriented master piece is growing each year! Come and see the hard work our volunteers have put forth to create this unique exhibit. The distinctive roof lines will make you think you are in a small village in The Netherlands.

The plaza includes a canal, drawbridge, hotel, restaurants, tri- plex movie theater, Pella Window Store, professional office space and underground parking. Lake Red Rock divides the state, with Pella to the north and east and Knoxville to the south and west.

GETTING AROUND Pella is a lovely place to park the car and walk, but you will need a car to enjoy Marion County. The mill also contains a detailed miniature Dutch village built by Pella Historical Society volunteers. History Day comprised the opening of the Pella Historical Museum and miniature Dutch village , street inspection and scrubbing, Dutch dancing and folk singing, the coronation of the Tulip Queen with its Parade of Provinces, and the afternoon Volks parade, with floats depicting Pella history. Church Day featured English and . You can spend literally hours in the miniature village just looking at the fishermen , the chimney sweep, the delivery boys, and a game of checkers in the park.

Nothing has been missed when it comes to the Dutch and how they played and worked. There are eighty buildings modeling traditional Dutch architecture while miniature people dressed in authentic costumes go about the business of daily life in Holland. The small towns show architectural characteristics of houses and stores. The village is a “work in progress,” and were hand crafted by Pella. Larry Toom and Ivan Mulder are in charge of maintaining the Miniature Village , a scale model of a community in the Netherlands before the founders of Pella left the country 1years ago.

Adjoining the windmill is the Historical Village with colorful flower gardens and a complex of buildings that depict home life in Pella from pioneer days to the early 20th century. The boyhood home of Wyatt Earp is located within the Historical Village. The miniature Dutch Village , with over 1buildings replicating villages . Central College students make annual additions to the village.

Many Pella people celebrate a double Christmas, the first oh Sint Nico- laas Day — beginning on . Dutch dolls, Hindeloopen folk art painting, and a miniature Dutch village.

A somewhat creepy eye- level view of a Dutch boy tending to his Tulip garden. This is a working windmill which does grinding with the power received from the wind. It was designed for Pella and made in Hollan and then it was disassemble shipped and then reassembled at the site.

Great view to look into the windmill and grinding mill operation on a good day. It also has miniature Dutch village. Another crowd-pleaser in downtown Pella is the Klokkenspel musical clock. Mechanical figures, like Dutch street . While Earp may hail from Pella , the city of about 10is known for its tulips, specifically its annual Tulip Time festival in early May.

It is home to mill artifacts, a gift shop and a miniature Dutch village. The Heritage Hall gave visitors an informative look into the history of the Dutch in Pella.