Pell grants for former prison inmates

The Obama administration has chosen colleges and universities for a pilot program that will offer Pell Grants to incarcerated students. Department of Labor Grants. Most grants are also open to anyone who applies whether they are a felon or not.

As many as 10prison inmates will be able to use federal Pell grants to finance college classes next month, despite a 22-year congressional ban on providing financial aid to prisoners. The aim is to test how effective .

Inmates take a class at a prison in San Diego. A new program could provide education funding to as many as twelve thousand people behind bars. Jackson, draped in a clean white T-shirt that rests atop oversized gray pants, slides his chair forward toward. Among these efforts is growing advocacy to reinstate prisoner eligibility for the Pell Grant. While the expansion of job-training opportunities for inmates might excel through the use of Pell funding , evidence continues to point specifically to the value of a post-secondary degree in reducing recidivism rates.

In the rollout of the Second Change Program, former Secretary of Education John King . The pilot program, which is sure to receive pushback from GOP lawmakers, is known as “ Second Chance Pell.

For the first time in more than years, it allows . Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the pilot Pell grant program during a visit . Garite was years old on the night in. For decades, tens of thousands of prisoners took advantage of this benefit, using it to finance a path into opportunities after they served their . Starting next month, thousands of US prison inmates will be able to access federal financial aid to continue their higher education studies. An inmate in California works on an essay for a GED class. Former prisoners and experts agree that by far, the most effective tool to combat recidivism is education. The goal of these Pell grants is to promote prison education programs which, in return, will provide inmates with an education that will keep them out of prison.

Furthermore, former republican senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina said in an address to Congress that,”Congress has already, as part of the . This program would expand Pell Grants to federal and state prisons throughout the United . GAO noted that: (1) inmate participation is a small part of the total Pell grant. During his time in congress, Gordon recalled that . Please note that often federal and state grants and loans in general are available to all people and do not exclude ex -offenders as applicants. With regard to college, a new test program has been announced that will make Pell Grants available to inmates.

Supporters point to an analysis of previous research by the Rand Corporation, concluding that the risk of an inmate returning to prison within three years drops by percentage points among those who have any kind of education while in prison.

A Dispatch analysis of a former Ohio University prison. Sixty-seven colleges were selected to partner with prisons to educate some 10students in federal and state prisons while the pilot lasts. More than a dozen other inmates at . So when prison populations boom, so do the eventual populations of former prisoners.

Ubah, “Abolition of Pell Grants for Higher Education of Prisoners : Examining Antecedents and Consequences,” journal of Ofifender Rehabilitation 3 no. Now, upwards of 10inmates will get a chance to take college courses with the help of Pell Grants , thanks to a new . Advocates of Second Chance Pell Pilot program say educating inmates helps prevent repeat offenses.