Excavator falling down

Excavator Fell into Hole! Caterpillar – Duration: 8:57. Failed loading and unloading of heavy equipment. Falling from a trailer of heavy equipment. I was behind the cameraman.

This looks worse then it was.

Truck hits bridge with excavator – Duration: 0:58. Digger falls off truck after. A talented workman showcased his skill behind the controls of a digger by using the bucket to slide down a steep hill in an incredibly controlled manner. r YJSubs stabilized this crazy video of an excavator operator using the bucket to descend an unstable sandy embankment.

Was it gathering its strength for an attack on the excavators as they moved with stolid finality? The principal dangers are of falling down the hoistway from a landing on the platform, being struck by the platform or other moving parts, and being hit by . The excavator fell from a cliff and the construction worker was able to escape just in time. Fall of earth, Carelessness Under the care of a Brentwood Hill surgeon at Brentcutting.

When traveling down a steep slope, position the bucket with the flat surface resting on the ground.

While retracting the arm, raise the boom and propel the machine until the front of the tracks reach ground level. When using the excavator for trenching, make sure the machine is level by placing dirt . A fatal accident occurred in the underground mine when an excavator fell from level 3down to level 350. At the time, the excavator was being used for road reparation when the driver of the excavator drove the vehi- cle over an open hole created by blasting operations at the mine. A MAN has been flown to hospital in a serious condition after a 24-tonne excavator fell seven metres off a bridge in southeast Queensland today. As the crews weakened the base of the building, they used an excavator to break down the final supports, causing the building to fall.

An excavator on a Canberra building site. The building site in Kambah, where the Marigal retirement village is being built, was shut down after the accident late on Wednesday. Mine only material that freely flows down. Part of Balestier Road between McNair Road and Serangoon Road was closed on Friday night, after the arm of an excavator being ferried on a trailer crashed into an.

Mr Jordan Lee, director of crane company Sin Demag, said the bridge had to be taken down before the excavator could be removed. Implosion in Alabama goes. Read more: Wildebeest makes incredible escape from the deadly jaws of hungry crocodile during great migration. Horrified onlookers fall silent, and . He was operating the hydraulic excavator to push down trees by first digging around the base of the tree to loosen the root system, placing the bucket of the. Last year, an 18-story residential tower in Taizhou, China, was torn apart by excavators crane-lifted to the top.

In a country where 30-story buildings can be completed in just days, it becomes less surprising to see them taken down by such dubious means. For more photos, head over to Chinasmack.